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How to choose the best electrician near you

Guide To Choosing the Best Electrician Near You

Whether you are a homeowner or own some commercial or industrial property, a good electrician is an important contact to have.

An electrician can be fundamental in helping to keep your electrical systems safe and functional. They can also sort out emergency malfunctions and quickly help you get back to normal functions.

Naturally, you want any work around your house to be handled professionally and at the right price. It can, at times, be a challenge to identify who the right electrician is.

How to Get the right Electrician for you

1. Verify Insurance And Licensing

Any electrician you deal with must be licensed, insured, and certified. This is non-negotiable.

Note that the law requires all electricians to be certified and licensed before taking on any projects. Therefore, it would help if you carried out due diligence to ascertain that your electrical projects are handled by a competent professional.

The other aspect to look at is insurance. Electricians with good insurance offer you some protection should any property damage or accidents occur during a job. Without this, you would have to sort out the damage out of pocket or be tied up in litigation to get compensation from the electrician or the electrical company. This route is expensive, draining, and time-consuming.

Once you have shortlisted a few good electricians, licensure, certifications, and insurance should help you move to the next vetting stage. Recognitions and professional accreditations are not a must-have but are good to have.

These show that an electrician is bound by specific industry standards (accreditations). On the other hand, recognitions tell you that they are good at what they do.  


2. Pick One Closer To Home

Proximity is essential when picking an electrician.

Electrical emergencies can happen anytime, day or night, on weekends and holidays. When they do, you need someone to get on it soonest possible.

A local electrical company can do this. Conversely, one's that far off will take some time working out the logistics to get to you. They will also cost you more.

Another thing about local electricians is that they understand the lay of the land, including local codes and specifications for electrical work. In an emergency, you want someone that can get right to it, not an electrician that will require some time to familiarize themselves with your jurisdiction’s regulations.

It’s therefore advised to begin your search close to home. You are also likely to get reviews, which brings us to our next tip…


3. Seek Referrals

Your neighbours, colleagues, and contractors will probably have used electricians from time to time and can refer you to one they like best.

One of the advantages of picking a local electrician is that they have probably done jobs from people you know. This means you can get linked to a tried and tested professional.

So ask your contacts to refer a few people and continue your vetting from there.


4. Consider their Years Of Experience

You need to find out how many years an electrician has been in practice. Electricians with significant experience are always a better option than newbies.

Many years of experience means an electrician has had the time to hone and perfect their skills. They have also picked up some on-the-job tips and tricks that allow them to diagnose and fix problems much faster.

You cannot afford trial and error with your electrical work. An experienced hand is, therefore, your best bet.

If you hire a company, inquire about how many years they have in business. Most companies will have this information on their website. If not, they will be happy to disclose it to you. You can also inquire about the specific electrician being sent to your house.


5. Look Them Up

While referrals and word of mouth are essential, the internet has made it easier to get information about a business and professional services.

Search the internet for reviews, testimonials, and newspaper articles about an electrician or an electrical company. If you can find one that has stellar reviews online, this is often a good metric of the quality of their service.

However, these shouldn't be the final determinants. Instead, look at the various angles discussed here, like their location, years of experience, and so on. The culmination of all these factors should edge you closer to an excellent electrician.


6. Style Of Communication

While some electrical problems take a couple of hours to resolve, some will take a few days to diagnose and fix.

As such, it’s prudent to pay attention to an electrician’s communication style and attitude. With all the planning and coordination that at times goes into an electrical project, you need an electrician that can explain things transparently and even help you think through your options.

The last thing you want is an electrician that seems dodgy or dismissive. You also want to avoid electricians that are vague in their communication as you would wonder if they are unsure of themselves or are trying to overstate the problem to charge a premium.

Pay attention to how your electrician communicates in your initial contact with them. This will be indicative of how they will handle you during the project.


7. Consider Warranties And Guarantees

Warranties and guarantees given by electricians and other service companies speak to their workmanship and customer service.

The best electricians in Australia will provide warranties. These give you some protection should something go wrong after completing an electrical job.

Leading electricians will also offer satisfaction guarantees. These aim to ensure that they deliver the results you want. However, read the terms and conditions of the warranties and guarantees offered and stick to your end of the bargain to the letter. Failure to do can cause them to be voided.


Take The Guesswork Out Of It

Does this process feel intimidating to you? If it does, you are not alone. Many property owners wish there was an easier, more convenient way of finding good electricians. Well, Findmag does just that. Our website does all the groundwork for you and gives you a list of verifiable businesses in the country.

Visit our site and get excellent, well-qualified electricians within minutes.


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