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Guide to choosing the best plumbers near you

Choosing The Right Plumber Near You

Residential and commercial property owners hate it when something breaks down or malfunctions.

And with good reason. Anytime something goes wrong, you can be sure that your wallet will take a beating. Breakdowns will also interfere with normal daily functions, which can be a bit of a drag.


Despite how much your dread it, something will break down at some point. Occasionally, these malfunctions will happen at the worst possible time. In the middle of the night, weekends, ungodly morning hours, name it. Unfortunately, many property owners will wait until they are in a crisis to find the required service people.

Take plumbing, for example. People begin looking for a plumber when a pipe bursts or they get blocked sewers. Unfortunately, this is just about the worst time to shop for a plumber. Why? Because desperation will push you to pick the first plumber you find.

A better way to go about it would be to take your time to vet and find a good plumber in the absence of a plumbing emergency. Then, with their contacts in hand, all that's left is to call them whenever you run into a plumbing emergency.

Just one problem, though; which plumber is right for you? Here is a checklist to help you find the best one.

1. They Are Local

Picking local plumbers goes above and beyond supporting our local community (though it doesn’t hurt).

For less altruistic reasons, a local plumber can get to you quickly. Whatever the emergency is, whether you have a toilet sending water back, have a broken sewer, or are leaking gas, you need a plumber quickly.

A local plumber knows their routes well and will quickly get to you.

They will also:

  • Be more affordable because they have fewer logistics to take care of
  • Handle the job well to avoid soiling their name within the community
  • Be well-versed in the lay of the land, authority permits and building codes
  • Know where to source materials, replacement parts and equipment required to complete the job

2. Availability

There is rarely anything convenient about plumbing emergencies. Their timing can be the worst, and they just can't wait until regular working hours. Late at night, on what should be a relaxed holiday, a lazy Sunday, name it. A plumbing emergency can happen at any time.

When it does, you need an available plumber and one that can get to your property as quickly as possible.

One thing to ask when vetting plumbers is what their operating hours are. A good service should have someone you can reach 24/7 if need be. They should also be available on weekends and holidays, even if they will charge you extra for taking jobs on such occasions.

3. They Are Reviewed Positively

The internet has made it easier to get information about virtually any business you are interested in.

Once you have a shortlist of possible plumbers, look them up online. Look at their websites and social media handles to see the kinds of reviews and testimonials other customers have left.

The premise is that if company XYZ is known to be professional, experienced and offers good customer experiences, you are likelier to enjoy the same benefits as well.

Aside from online reviews, look for companies that are thought to be reputable by your circle and people known to you. This takes away the element of trial and error.

4. Transparency

One thing about credible plumbing companies is their transparency.

As a customer, you need to know what certain services would cost. For example, you do not want to call a plumber over the weekend and be slapped with a bill several times above what you thought it would be.

With every plumber you have shortlisted, discuss what their billing system is. One indicator of a good plumber is that they will be happy to take you through this, and they will be very forthcoming with information.

Discuss if their rates are fixed or charged by the hour. Talk about how accurate their completion timelines are and if they can provide a free quote before commencing a job.

5. Years Of Experience

Hiring an inexperienced plumber can leave you with more problems than you started with. While you can sue for compensation, the entire process will leave you drained and is not the best use of your time or money.

So it helps to get the right plumber from the beginning.

One way to do this is by hiring well-experienced plumbers. There really is no substitute for experience. Luckily, shonks and fly-by-nighters don’t last in the business for long.

If a company has a few years under its belt, this is a good indication that they’re reliable, uphold good business practices and are trusted by customers. It also means they know which mistakes to avoid and how to get things done faster.

As such, find out how long the companies you are vetting have been operating. Pick one with longevity and ride on their years of experience.

6. They Have The Proper Licensure

Different authorities in Australia have different licensing requirements for various plumbing works. Find out what these are in your jurisdiction and ensure to only hire compliant plumbers.

Other things to look for are accreditations and awards. Accreditations tell you that a plumber is part of a professional plumbing body and will therefore stick to industry standards stipulated by the accrediting body.

On the other hand, awards let you know that a company strives to deliver stellar results and has been recognised for being an industry leader.

These are excellent attributes to have in a plumber.

7. Insurance

While the hope is that nothing ever goes wrong on a job, things don't always go as planned.

If someone gets injured during plumbing works or you suffer property damage, the plumber’s insurance should ideally compensate you for the same.

To protect yourself, inquire what covers a plumbing company has and ascertain if the covers free you from liability.

Get It Right

As you can see, getting the right plumber is no mean feat. Thankfully,  we do all the homework, so you don't have to. Are you looking to find a vetted plumber quickly? Head over to and find top plumbers in your area within minutes!



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