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DIY Plumbing Projects: What Could Go Wrong?

The idea of a DIY project in your home can be exciting, and the cash savings you stand to make on labor can be enchanting. But your good intentions might not yield a favorable ending. 
But what could possibly go wrong? 

You Could Void Your Warranty

Many product manufacturers peg their warranties on having them professionally installed. If you fail to do this and the product fails, the manufacturer can void the warranty. This means you would need to purchase a new part,appliance or device even in scenarios where you had initially bought a defective device.
Secondly, licensed plumbers give homeowners warranties for parts and workmanship to guarantee a job well done. If you DIY, you lose this benefit. 

Some DIYs Are Illegal

This sounds like a joke, but it’s not. Some Plumbing DIYs are illegal in Queensland. Plumbing is a licensed trade in Australia, meaning plumbing projects should be executed by licensed practitioners, albeit with some exceptions. 
Besides that, there are plumbing works that require permits, and others require the QBCC to be notified. Non-compliance can leave you with some fines, penalties and even jail time. 
Keeping tabs on legal vs. illegal DIYs can be challenging to some, making licensed plumbers the safest bet. 

Insurance Claim Non-Payment

Your home insurance should cover you against damage to the home and its contents. This usually includes damage from smoke, theft, fire, sudden and accidental water, and so on. 
However, your insurer is unlikely to compensate you if you suffer damage from a fire resulting from a gas leak after a substandard DIY kitchen renovation. The same goes for water damage resulting from DIY piping. 
Additionally, plumbing companies carry insurance to protect you against any damage that occurs on the job. If you damage anything on a DIY, you’re on your own.

DIY Fixes Can Cost You More

A huge part of being a professional plumber is correctly diagnosing the cause of a plumbing problem. 
Without this expertise, you are basically on a trial and error where you try different fixes that might hold for a while, only for the problem to recur. If this involves buying new parts, you waste good money buying parts that don't resolve the problem.
Besides training, local plumbers pick up numerous on-the-job knowledge that you will unlikely be privy to. 
For example, a plumber will know that the salty water in a particular area keeps spoiling the element in water heaters. Or that a location has trees whose roots find their way into drainage pipes, causing backups. Without such knowledge and the proper tools to make a proper diagnosis, you will likely spend a lot of money purchasing parts and making numerous DIY repairs. 
Get Things Done Right
By hiring expert plumbers, you remove the guesswork and get the full benefit of your home insurance and warranty. Similarly, you get your plumbing issues diagnosed and permanently remedied. 

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