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Frequently Asked Questions About Local Electricians:

What are the Types of Electricians in Australia?

When looking for an electrician, you probably want to hire one specialising in your particular electrical issue for better results. Here are the different types of electricians in Australia.

· Residential Electricians- Concerned with installing, diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing electrical systems in homes and apartments.

· Commercial and Industrial Electricians- Commercial electricians serve businesses like restaurants, hospitals, retail centers, and more. In contrast, industrial electricians are more specialised with extra training and apprenticeship to deal with heavy machinery and high voltage systems typical of industries.

· Construction electricians- These specialise in performing electrical duties at construction sites.

· Emergency electricians- Are available 24 hours a day for seven days a week and respond immediately to handle electrical emergencies in homes and businesses.

· Master Electrician- Have gone through extensive training and have loads of experience. This is the highest position in the electrical field.

When should I seek the services of an electrician?

Whereas you can quickly fix some problems like replacing a broken or flickering lightbulb, others will require the services of a trained and licensed professional. Knowing when to seek professional assistance is important. Your security and that of your home and property depends on it. Therefore, if the problem at hand is out of the reach of your DIY prowess, you should call a licensed electrician.
Some common electrical situations that require an electrician include;
1. Installing or extending electrical connections in your home.
2. Installing & replacing electrical outlets.
3. Electrical panel upgrades.
4. Installing or repairing a ceiling fan.
5. Light fixture and replacement.
In short, whenever there is an electrical project in and around your home, call a certified electrician.

How do I know that the electrician I want to work with is licensed?

Before deciding to work with an electrician, you should ask to see their trade license physically. Also, if you want to verify the validity of the permit, there are multiple online sites that will let you do that by typing their full names and license numbers.

What are good traits of a local electrician?

Deciding to work with an electrician is just the first step; you have to work with a licensed electrician. Here is why;
1. Safety
Safety is arguably the most important reason to work with a licensed electrician. Just as handling electrical projects by yourself compromises your safety, working with an unqualified electrician will put you, your home and those in it in danger.
2. Excellent work
A professional electrician is experienced, well versed and well equipped to handle your project for the best possible results. Therefore, you are guaranteed to receive and enjoy an excellent job.
3. Up to standard job
The Australian government has stringent measures and codes covering all electrical activities carried out within its borders. A licensed electrician will ensure the project meets all the set standards when the local inspector comes calling.
4. Reliability
Working with a licensed electrician means you can rely on the installed or repaired electrical systems to run effectively for an extended period. Therefore, you won’t have to seek the services of another electrician soon.

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